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rebuilding the chrysalis online presence to accurately represent the hard work they do.

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women helping women heal

In our collaboration with Chrysalis Society, we orchestrated a complete overhaul of their online presence. By replacing their outdated website with a sleek, modern design, we implemented top web practices for enhanced user experience and instant load times. Additionally, we refreshed their visual content by updating photography and producing captivating home tour videos. With cutting-edge technology at the forefront, we've not only revitalized their digital footprint but also ensured their mission shines through every pixel, fostering connections and driving impact.
a collaborative approach to ensure success
With meticulous planning, storyboarding for house tours, as well as wireframing and mockups for their new site, we ensured every aspect resonated with Chrysalis Society's mission. We delicately balanced the organization's needs with their board of directors' input, all while staying true to their brand identity and empowering women on their journey of healing and personal growth.