shorba bone broth

the growth of a broth empire through educational marketing into a simmering success.

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raising bone broth awareness

In our partnership with Shorba Bone Broth, we've stirred up excitement and boosted online sales through engaging social media strategies. From educational Instagram posts, engaging stories, to captivating reels, we've crafted a digital experience that not only educates the user on the product, but keeps them wanting to learn more. We were driven by a passion for sharing the nourishing benefits of bone broth while fostering a vibrant online community. Additionally, we managed their website, integrating e-commerce for effortless transactions.
new ideas for new engagement
Infusing our content with enticing recipes, lighthearted humor, and innovative strategies, we drove engagement, attracted new followers, and boosted bone broth sales. Through creative campaigns, we attracted new audiences to explore the nourishing benefits of Shorba Bone Broth, and furthered Shorba's sales with our bone broth subscription.